Rivalea Announces Significant Corowa Investment

Press Release Jul 13, 2023
Corowa Site

Rivalea has earmarked more than $20 million to invest across its Corowa operations.

Rivalea will invest more than $20 million across its Corowa site, to improve and strengthen its operations.

The investment, which is subject to local government regulatory approvals, will be made at Rivalea’s Corowa piggery and processing facilities, and includes:

• Upgrading pig growing sheds;

• Best practice animal handling systems;

• Upgrading biosecurity systems, to further reduce the risk of disease;

• Upgrading employee amenity facilities; and

• Upgrading harvest processes.

The investment program will support Rivalea’s growth across fresh and value-added pork products that are supplied to Australian consumers and key export partners.

Edison Alvares, COO of JBS Australia’s Pork Division, said the investment was a testament to the company’s commitment to the Corowa and Federation Council area:

“Rivalea has a proud history of being part of the Riverina area for the past 50 years. Today’s announcement is proof we want to be part of this community for many years to come.

“Through this $20 million investment program, we will seek to improve the productivity of our operations – which will enhance job security for people in the Corowa community.

“We look forward to continuing our constructive conversations with the Federation Council to progress the required regulatory processes to move forward with the investment plan.

“Not only is Corowa a fantastic community with great people, but the location within the region gives us access to high quality and reliable water sources, is in close proximity to grain growing regions and links to key transport routes to Sydney and Melbourne.” Federation Council Mayor, Cr Patrick Bourke said the scale of this investment demonstrates the confidence and long-term commitment that Rivalea has to our region and also to the local community.

“Rivalea is a major employer in our region, providing secure and rewarding local jobs and career opportunities for our residents and the broader community.”

“Federation Council encourages responsible business development and expansion and this investment makes very good business sense, especially with the main aims of employee wellbeing, animal welfare and biosecurity, being at the forefront. Rivalea is a significant economic contributor to our region and we look forward to seeing them continue to invest in our region, to assist in driving the long-term sustainability of our community,” he said.

Rivalea’s Corowa site currently employs more than 600 people and consists of five farms, a processing facility, feed milling, research and administration. The site utilises biogas technology capturing methane to generate 85% of the farming and processing operations’ peak power requirements and further uses the nutrients to grow crops, contributing to the sustainability of the site.

“Rivalea is a leader in the Australian pork sector with a strong team and track record of sustainable pork production. We are committed to building on these foundations and creating new opportunities for Australian-grown pork, both here and overseas,” Mr. Alvares added.

JBS Australia acquired the Rivalea business in January 2022. JBS has a long and proud history of supporting and growing its Australian businesses – investing heavily in its local operations and domestic brands, while at the same time providing employment opportunities and supporting the regional economies in which we operate. JBS Australia employs 15,000 people throughout Australia and New Zealand.