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JBS Foods Canada

We're one of the largest beef companies in Canada, supplying the best Canadian beef to consumers in more than 20 countries.

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We define sustainability as responsibly meeting the needs of today, while improving the ability of future generations to responsibly meet their own needs.

We embrace the responsibility and accountability that come with food integrity. We have set aggressive sustainability targets while balancing three traditional pillars: economic viability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Click here to learn more about our approach.

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Chefs Exclusive

Chef’s Exclusive

Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef sets the standard for premium beef: superior marbling, rich flavor, and remarkable tenderness. Our gourmet Black Angus beef ensures satisfaction, surpassing expectations time and time again. Chef's Exclusive® Black Angus cattle are sourced from grain-rich regions and harvested in Brooks, Alberta, Canada. The result is consistent, high-quality Angus beef that boasts the exceptional flavor and texture that only Upper 2/3 Canada AAA Black Angus beef can provide.

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Mountain Creek Farms

Our case ready facility offers pack and portioned beef, pork and poultry products for retail and foodservice customers.

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Northern Gold

Northern Gold Premium Canadian Beef

Northern Gold Premium is deeply rooted in generations of responsible and passionate local ranching families. It is a symbol of trust and confidence that every effort went into preserving the most memorable experience. Northern Gold provides exceptional marbling, flavor, tenderness and consistency.

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Beef Tenderloin Cranberry

Clear River Farms

Canadians need quality, budget-friendly ingredients for their meals. Consumers shouldn’t be required to compromise quality for a better cost. Clear River Farms beef delivers an excellent eating experience at a great value.

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Canadian Diamond Black Angus

Canadian Diamond Black Angus

Our commitment to Canadian Diamond Black Angus comes from the heritage of what makes Canada special. This 100% Canadian program is tailored to provide both retail and food service with quality so you may be assured of a memorable eating experience. Available in AAA (made or order) and AA, this Canadian offering will be tender, juicy and flavorful.

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Our Partners

The environment and conditions in Canada are ideal for raising cattle. Our wide open spaces, clean water and fresh air allow the animals to mature in the pristine natural environment. Canada is renowned for beef with consistent color, taste and texture, attributes that are increasingly fundamental to our customers. We are proud to maintain mutually beneficial agreements with our dedicated suppliers, sourcing cattle that exhibit physical traits for nutritious, high-quality, great tasting beef. 

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At JBS Foods Canada, we take pride in creating a wide variety of hand-crafted, 100% Canadian halal products that are trusted worldwide.

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JBS Carriers

Over-the-road and regional truckload carrier handling refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight

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Northern Meat Shoppe

With a focus on product innovation and customer alignment, we are now offering a variety of products that are produced and packaged directly for the consumer. Our consumer-ready beef options are hand-crafted with utmost care and packaged in appealing and convenient packaging.

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Jbs Canada Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We partner with a variety of organizations, including family and youth nonprofits, local sports teams, colleges, local governments, immigration organizations, and indigenous engagement. We’re proud to have established the JBS Canada Centre, a hub for sports and recreation.

Hometownstrong Jbscanada

Hometown Strong

Throughout the global pandemic, our team members and our communities have looked to us for reassurance that we can – and will – get through this crisis. We have provided meaningful investments in projects that will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Projects in Canada
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JBS Foods Canada has fundamentally changed the way it does business as a result of COVID-19. Hundreds of safety measures have been implemented, and our top priority has remained team member health and safety.

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When you work at JBS Foods Canada, you’re not just another employee … you’re a valued member of our incredibly talented, diverse, innovative team. That means you’re a part of something larger than your assigned duties – what you do each day matters to the millions of people all over the world who gather around the table together to share a meal and a moment in time.

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