Governance & Compliance

We are committed to sound corporate governance and strong ethics and compliance programs.

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Implicit in our corporate philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. We have an independent JBS USA Advisory Board to support the company’s executive leadership on matters related to corporate governance, government and regulatory affairs, commodity risk management and marketing.
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The JBS USA Ethics & Compliance Department is responsible for administration and execution of the corporate compliance program for JBS USA and its subsidiaries. The Ethics & Compliance Group has a dual reporting structure to the Independent Advisory Board and the JBS USA CEO.

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JBS USA Independent Advisory Board

Our JBS USA Advisory Board is made up of independent members, ensuring that credible, expert voices of objectivity help guide the direction of our business. The board meets quarterly, in addition to providing ongoing counsel to the JBS USA CEO and executive leadership team.
John Boehner
John Boehner Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
Dean Hollis
Dean Hollis Former President and CEO, Consumer Foods at ConAgra Foods
Dimitri Panayotopoulos
Dimitri Panayotopoulos Former Vice Chairman, Proctor & Gamble
André Nogueira
André Nogueira Former JBS USA CEO
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We leverage a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees in working together to address fraud, abuse and other misconduct in the workplace, with a focus on cultivating a positive work environment. Team members can place anonymous reports online or by phone through a third-party hotline provider.

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