Pilgrim’s Announces Recipients of Hometown Strong Funding in Graves County

Press Release Aug 18, 2021
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Pilgrim’s is providing an update on how its Hometown Strong funds are being invested in Graves County, Ky., to support the community’s future and help respond to needs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

In October 2020, Pilgrim’s announced a $740,000 investment in the community. The company has worked closely with local leaders to identify where the funds can best help meet immediate and longer-term community needs in three key areas: food insecurity, community infrastructure and well-being, and COVID-19 emergency response and relief efforts.

Pilgrim’s Mayfield has funded the below Hometown Strong projects to date:

  • The City of Mayfield received $309,000 to fund the development of the Pilgrim’s Farmers Market, making healthy food accessible to members of the community who live within walking distance to the market.
  • Mayfield Independent Schools received $216,000 to provide the Mayfield High School softball, baseball and soccer fields with restroom facilities.
  • Mayfield/Graves County Parks and Recreation Department received $150,000 to make necessary maintenance and facility updates at the War Memorial Football Stadium.
  • Mayfield Independent Schools received $54,800 to provide Wi-Fi access for 175 households, in partnership with T-Mobile. Pilgrim’s is also purchasing Chromebooks for 150 students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

“The Pilgrim’s Hometown Strong program affords us the opportunity to make meaningful investments and upgrades in some important community spaces,” said Kent Massey, Pilgrim’s Mayfield complex manager. “From fighting food insecurity to supporting our local students, we are confident these projects will make a positive difference in our community.”

“To say thank you is not enough, but we couldn’t be more thankful, appreciative and excited about what Pilgrim’s has just done for this community. This is a project that we believe in and know the Farmers Market will be a huge asset,” said Jodie Hansen of the Home Improvement Project. “Pilgrim’s saw this vision and stepped up to make this happen. Farming is the backbone of our community, and the Pilgrim’s Farmers Market will showcase just that!”

The Pilgrim’s Mayfield production facility employs more than 1,500 people with an annual payroll of more than $48 million. The facility supports 235 growers, paying them more than $35 million per year for their livestock.

Pilgrim’s anchors dozens of rural communities – operating more than 30 meat poultry and prepared foods facilities and employing 31,000-plus people in the United States. Nationally, the Hometown Strong initiative is a $20 million investment from Pilgrim’s, which is part of a $70 million nationwide contribution from JBS USA. Visit hometownstrong.jbssa.com to learn more.