JBS USA Announces $20 Million in Additional Funds for Hometown Strong

Press Release Jun 23, 2021
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Funds Dedicated to Create Affordable Housing in Local Communities

JBS USA today announced an additional $20 million investment in the company’s $50 million Hometown Strong program to create affordable housing opportunities in local rural communities where the company operates. The $20 million investment in the U.S. and Canada will be used in partnership with local leaders and businesses to build new homes, support our team members’ dreams of home ownership, and establish revolving funds to stimulate ongoing housing construction. 

“The JBS USA Hometown Strong program has been the most successful community initiative in our company’s history,” said Andre Nogueira, JBS USA CEO. “We established Hometown Strong in May 2020 and since program launch, we have funded more than 200 community investment projects across the U.S. and Canada. Today’s increased investment in Hometown Strong will result in meaningful housing opportunities for our team members and our local communities, making our hometowns stronger, more affordable places to live and work.”  

The new $20 million investment for affordable housing is targeted at JBS USA local communities currently experiencing housing challenges across the U.S. and Canada. Local communities that will receive increased housing investments include Cactus, Texas; Beardstown, Ill.; Worthington, Minn.; Marshalltown, Iowa; Ottumwa, Iowa; and Brooks, Alberta, Canada. JBS USA anticipates that many of its team members will have the opportunity to benefit from newly created housing opportunities, while also stimulating demand for new construction that benefits the larger community.  

Since the launch of JBS USA Hometown Strong last year, the company has worked with its local communities to invest over $43 million in more than 200 projects in 42 local communities across 25 U.S. States and Alberta, Canada. In 2020 alone, the company has also donated more than 22.3 million servings of food to support its local communities. 

Significant Hometown Strong investments to date include $1 million to build a new community stage at the Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, Colo.; $1 million to support construction of the Aquatic Center in Tolleson, Arizona; $1 million to support the YMCA of Greater Louisville in Kentucky; $1 million to support construction of the JBS Field House and Recreation Center in Worthington, Minn.; $1 million to support construction of the JBS Sports Complex in Ottumwa, Iowa; $500,000 to expand Eagle Scout Park in Grand Island, Neb.; $446,000 to fund the development of the JBS Soccer Complex in Beardstown, Ill.; $425,000 to fund completion of the Hyrum Bike Park in Hyrum, Utah; and $400,000 to support remodeling the Early Childhood Education Learning Center in Grand Island, Neb. 

The company continues to identify new projects with local community partners as part of the initial $50 million program. To learn more about the program, the local response from community officials, and find information about all of the Hometown Strong projects funded to date, please visit https://hometownstrong.jbssa.com/.