JBS Dinmore Welcomes a Strong Local Workforce to Commence its Second Shift

Press Release Feb 20, 2024
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JBS Australia is pleased to announce the commencement of a second shift at its Dinmore processing facility. This operational expansion marks a significant milestone for Dinmore and reflects JBS’s commitment to meeting the growing demands for its products while being a strong supporter of the local economy and community.

Following a recruitment drive that commenced last year and is ongoing, JBS has welcomed over 300 new team members. Dinmore’s new recruits will enhance the facility’s operational capacity and reaffirm its status as a key employer in the region.

Recruitment focused on bolstering the local workforce, with 80 per cent of Dinmore’s newly recruited staff being local Queensland residents. JBS is proud to strengthen its community ties and contribute to the local economies of Ipswich and the surrounding greater Brisbane area. The Dinmore facility celebrates a diverse culture of over 47 nationalities and is excited to also welcome more Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) and international workers this year.

The new operational timeline introduces a four-day roster that is designed to optimise work-life balance for the team, while maintaining high levels of productivity. Employees will now be rostered across a day shift and an afternoon shift, allowing for a seamless continuation of operations and the assurance of a consistent supply to help meet growing customer demand for high-quality red meat products.

The dual-shift system is expected to eventually double Dinmore’s daily processing capacity. JBS anticipates a gradual ramp-up of production over the next 4-5 months, dependent on the variables of labour availability and cattle supply. This phased approach will ensure optimal efficiency and quality control across Dinmore’s operations.

Brent Eastwood, CEO, JBS Australia said he looks forward to the commencement of the second shift, as JBS continues to expand its operations responsibly and sustainably.

“We are thrilled to add over 300 new roles to Dinmore and have been encouraged by the diversity of our applicants from school-leavers to career switchers, and those seeking additional earning opportunities, and of course our valued PALM workers.” 

"Our investments in the Dinmore Meat Processing Plant underscore our commitment not only to produce superior quality beef products but also to generate meaningful employment opportunities and contribute to the fabric of the local economy, “said Mr Eastwood.

Dinmore Plant Manager Murray Wilson, said he is excited to welcome a diverse team with a vast range of skillsets to facilitate the second shift.

“We have many new faces joining Dinmore, with each recruit bringing unique skills and capabilities to our growing team. We have onboarded electricians, maintenance supervisors, butchers, slicers and all roles in between to create a well-rounded team that boosts our production capacity safely and efficiently.”

“We look forward to training and supporting our new team members as they start their new role, while making them feel welcomed to our JBS family,” said Mr Wilson.

Australian Meat Processor Corporation CEO Chris Taylor, said the JBS recruitment drive shows the significant opportunities in the red meat processing industry.

“The JBS Dinmore facility is an exciting example of the number of jobs being created in red meat processing, like labourers, electricians and engineers, adding to the 47,500 jobs in Queensland supported by the industry.”

“Our members are proud to contribute $2.2 billion to household income in Queensland annually, and by increasing processing capacity in Dinmore, JBS will increase economic activity across the supply chain, from farmers to technology providers,” said Mr Taylor.

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