JBS Australia’s Yambinya Station Feedlot Winner at the Australian Beef Carcase Competition

Article May 13, 2024
Sth Team

JBS Australia's Great Southern team has received the AMPC Highest Pen Award at the Beef 2024 National Beef Carcase Competition, held during Beef Week (5-11 May) in Rockhampton Queensland, Australia.

Beef Week is a week-long exhibition and celebration of all facets of the beef industry in Australia - including producers, scientists, chefs, students, exhibitors, and everyone in between.

The prize-winning three Angus steer carcases were fed at our very own Yambinya Station feedlot as part of JBS's Portoro Natural grain program. Portoro has developed a set of proprietary slow acclimation and feeding processes whereby they don't need to administer antibiotics or added hormones. It’s a natural process that has the benefit of ensuring an extraordinary level of marbling consistency. The program is proudly HGP, GMO and antibiotics free! The steers were processed at the JBS Aust Scone Meat Processing Facility.

Steve Champan, JBS Southern's Livestock Manager told Beef Central: "We start with a heavier article going into the feedlot, and deliberately grow them a little slower, around 1-65-1.75kg average daily gain, because marbling is an expression of maturity, and well as nutrition."

JBS has proudly owned and operated the Yambinya feedlot since 2009, which is now exclusively dedicated to supplying the Portoro program given customer demand and success of the product.

As well as taking out the AMPC Highest Pen Award, the Yambinya Station feedlot was also awarded 1st Place: Class 6: Grain Fed Award and 3rd Place: Class 8: Open Class (unrestricted feeding) Award

You can read more at Beef Central: ‘Outliers’ excelling in meat quality and yield top National Beef Carcase competition - Beef Central

Southern Northern Team

From left to right: Richard Sadler – Livestock Buyer JBS Northern, Cait Barton – Livestock Supply Chain Manager – JBS Northern, Peter Batley – Rockhampton Livestock Manager JBS Northern, Senator the Honourable Murray Watt, Federal Government Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Harriet Brawne – Brand Marketing Manager JBS Southern, Rob Ryan – Manager Beef Sales Domestic/Export JBS Southern, Steve Chapman – Livestock Manager JBS Southern, Aimee Bolton – Farm Assurance and Supply Chain Manager Livestock JBS Southern, Scott Minnikin – Manager Feedlots Livestock JBS Northern, Michael Hoare – Livestock Buyer JBS Northern