Responding to COVID-19

The health and safety of our team members has guided all our actions and decisions.

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Your Shot at Free Meat for a Year

Vaccination rates at JBS USA & Pilgrim’s facilities outpace that of the general population. We want to keep everyone in our communities as safe as we keep our team members. That’s why we hosted community events across the country this summer to encourage people to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. More than 2,000 people were vaccinated, and 50 newly vaccinated participants are being awarded a year’s worth of free beef, pork and chicken for a family of four. 

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Our Actions

We have been singularly focused on protecting our team members and did not wait for regulations before implementing our strong safety measures, which often outpaced evolving government and health professional guidance, and industry standards. We provided free COVID-19 testing, instituted travel restrictions, required social distancing, removed vulnerable populations with full pay and benefits, conducted employee screening, imposed mask mandates, reduced operating capacity, and temporarily closed facilities.

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Covid Safety Measures

Safety Measures

We have implemented hundreds of safety measures, including constructing permanent physical barriers, establishing physical distancing protocols, and installing hospital-grade ventilation systems in all of our facilities. From early in the pandemic, we have worked with the federal and state government, along with health experts, to secure testing and other resources. We consulted scientists, medical professionals, union leaders, regulators, and the government to implement a range of safety protocols, facility modifications and other measures to protect our team members.

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Continuously Updating Our Operations

From installing plexiglass dividers and hand sanitizing stations to temperature checks and one-way footpaths, we are always looking for ways to enhance our safety measures in accordance with the best available science and guidance from experts. Our free surveillance testing program allows us to quickly identify potential introduction of COVID-19 from the community into our plants and mitigate spread through immediate quarantine and contact tracing procedures.

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Covering Expenses

We voluntarily removed vulnerable populations with full pay and benefits and covered 100% of all COVID-19 related health expenses for our team members and family members enrolled in our health plan. We continue to supply unlimited PPE and immediate testing to all symptomatic team members and close contacts, as well as offer a $100 incentive bonus and time off for any U.S. team member willing to get vaccinated. Team member protections and benefits are clearly explained to our team members, no matter which language they speak.

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coverage of all COVID-19 related health expenses for our team members and their family members enrolled in our health insurance

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