Responding to COVID-19

The health and safety of our team members has guided all our actions and decisions.

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Year of Action

For more than one year, JBS Foods has been singularly focused on protecting our team members from COVID-19. We are maintaining the safety measures that have been implemented in our facilities, and we’re focused on vaccinating our workforce as quickly as possible.  

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Covid Safety Measures

Safety Measures

During the pandemic, we have implemented hundreds of safety measures including offering unlimited PPE, constructing permanent physical barriers, establishing physical distancing protocols, and installing hospital-grade ventilation systems in all of our facilities. JBS USA provides immediate testing to all symptomatic team members and close contacts, and has conducted more than 50,000 surveillance tests of asymptomatic team members to date. 

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Continuously Updating Our Operations

Our free surveillance testing program allows us to quickly identify potential introduction of COVID-19 from the community into our plants and mitigate spread through immediate quarantine and contact tracing procedures. It also gives us the opportunity to continually assess and validate the effectiveness of our preventive measures and entrance screening protocols as the virus spreads across the country.

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Covering Expenses, Encouraging Vaccinations

In addition to the safety measures implemented in our facilities, we have voluntarily removed vulnerable population groups with full pay and benefits, covered 100% of all COVID-19 related health expenses for our team members and family members enrolled in our health plan, and offered a $100 incentive bonus for any U.S. team member willing to get vaccinated.

Vaccination Progress
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coverage of all COVID-19 related health expenses for our team members and their family members enrolled in our health insurance

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team members vaccinated

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in health and safety measures to protect our workforce