JBS Australia Showcases Opportunities at Beef City

Press Release Mar 14, 2023
Beef City Opportunities Article

Employees at JBS Australia’s Beef City are showing why there is more to red meat processing than meets the eye.

Bismillah Haidari and Ajak Lueth share many things in common; they live in Toowoomba, work in maintenance at JBS Beef City, and are proud to call Queensland home.

Bismillah’s life began in Afghanistan, Ajak’s in South Sudan, and their families both decided to immigrate to Australia in search of a brighter future and more opportunities.

They each completed their schooling in regional Queensland, and Bismillah earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern Queensland.

While opportunity brought them to Australia, it also caused Bismillah and Ajak’s paths to cross, as they each started new jobs in the maintenance department of Beef City, Toowoomba.

Bismillah was accepted into the three-year JBS graduate engineer program, where he continues to be mentored and exposed to work experience in different business units at the facility.

Mr Haidari said, “the advantage of the JBS graduate program is that it opens up a lot of career opportunities for you.”

“You’re not working on the same thing every day; you’re exposed to different machinery and systems, and that is one of the major benefits as a graduate.”

“I want to utilise this program to progress my career, grow myself, and grow my career, “ said Mr Haidari.

Ajak worked his way through several roles in the facility before being promoted to the maintenance team, where he has now completed company sponsored fitter and turner apprenticeship.

Mr Lueth said, “as a fitter and turner, every day is always different, there is always something different to do, and that is the biggest thing I enjoy.”

“Beef City is a good environment, we all work as a team, and everyone is friendly around here, whether you’re in the maintenance team or on the floor.”

“There are always opportunities here, you just have to want it and put your hand up,” said Mr Lueth.

According to Justin McCormick, Plant Manager Beef City, JBS’s Beef City is one of the largest employers in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region employing around 850 staff with rewarding jobs and career opportunities.

Mr McCormick said that Beef City is always looking for the best local talent to join the world-class operations and are delighted to have Mr Haidari and Mr Lueth on the team.

JBS CEO Brent Eastwood said that Bismillah and Ajak’s journeys were inspiring, and they each represent JBS’ commitment to developing employees in regional communities across the country.

Mr Eastwood said, “JBS is focused on building the team we require today, but we also understand the importance of developing our employees like Bismillah and Ajak for the future.”

“We are proud to work with the agricultural sector and local businesses in communities like Toowoomba to contribute to the food supply chain and deliver red meat to dinner tables at home and abroad,” said Mr Eastwood.

CEO of the Australian Meat Processor Corporation, Chris Taylor, said that JBS in Toowoomba is a great example of the jobs and skills being developed by Australian red meat processors.

Mr Taylor said, “across Australia, we are seeing red meat processors increasingly require university educated employees while continuing to develop existing staff through apprenticeships and training.

“Bismillah and Ajak are part of the thousands of people, who work together in regional communities with farmers and local businesses to deliver high-quality red meat products that put Australia on the map,” said Mr Taylor.

Bismillah and Ajak’s stories form part of the More to Meat campaign being run by the Australian Meat Processor Corporation.

More to Meat is highlighting the diverse range of jobs and skills opportunities in red meat processing – including at processors like Beef City in the Toowoomba region – and the industry’s contribution to the local red meat supply chain and the national economy.

For more information on the More to Meat campaign, visit moretomeat.com.au.